Balcony Bra Solutions for Big Boobs

October 15, 2018

In case we have not had the pleasure, my name is Deinma (bra obsessed sister Number 1) and I love lingerie.

Being a little woman with big boobs, I have somehow stumbled into the strange role of becoming a lingerie aficionado. In other words, I have had to learn about bras and about finding the right size and support and believe me when I say, I have come to have an unusual amount of information about bras and brands and fit.

For the next couple of posts, I will be reviewing my favorite bras and bra styles. My hope is that you begin to appreciate and LOVE bras as much as I do!!


I was reading a book by Cora Harrington. What caught my eye was the bit she wrote about Balcony bras – because that’s what I had planned to talk about today.

Here are the Balcony bra Facts (from Cora Harrington)

Balcony bras have:

  • Wide necklines and widely spaced strap
  • Gives a high rounded cleavage

Suited to:

  • Women with broad shoulders and full on bottom breast shape
  • Low cut tops

For bigger bra cup sizes DD and above:

  • The Title “balcony” usually refers to a Demi cup
  • Demi cups cover about half the breast tissue; a good compromise between a full cup and a severe (rack) balcony

And now that we have the technical mumbo-jumbo out of the way…

Let’s look at our spotlight bra!

Reviewing the Jasmine bra by Panache


Asking me what my favorite bra is like asking a mother which is her favorite child.

However, I’ll tell you what I like about the Jasmine bra by Panache:

  • Available in size 30E to 38K
  • Comes in 11 different patterns: the patterns are little hit and miss but my favorites are the flower print, Pink multi, and black animal print.

The Verdict:

  • The cups are thoughtfully designed with a side sling that pushes your boobs forward and stretchy lace in the top cup that is fantastic if like me you have asymmetry between your boobs.
  • The stretch in the top cup accommodates the bigger boob and masks the reduced volume that I normally experience with the smaller boob.
  • The straps are lightly cushioned so there is minimal digging on the shoulders (which is great if you have heavy boobs).
  • The wires are perfect for me, they don’t dig into my underarm.
  • The band is sufficiently wide so great support and is breathable which is a lifesaver when the sun decides to turn up the heat.
  • It has 3 hooks and the side rubbing against the skin has a soft and plushy feel to it.
  • The only real con for me is that the bottom portion of the bra can dig into your belly (especially if you are like me – with a little more to love in the middle section).

This is a great all-round bra. I wear it to work because it gives me great support – whether I’m running around the hospital or bent over a microscope all day. I also wear it on a night out when I want a bit of va-va voom under a low cut top (it gives that “gbesoke” look ? –  if you know what I mean)


Until next time.


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