Its SISTER TAG with our little sister Emi. Watch us talk about her bra stories and answer questions about our sisterhood in the best way we know how...LOUDLY!!

Debunking the Myths of Breast Augmentation

The girls are back and we're talking about boobs (big surprise). Every girl has probably thought about getting some kind of work done. We're here to answer some of the FAQs about breast augmentation and hit you with some fun facts of the things some people do for bigger or firmer boobs

Mothers' Day with Furelise Culture

Its Mother's Day!! So we invited our mum to talk about her experiences as a mother and shower her with a bit of love. This is a safe place so please share your favorite moment with your mother or mother figure.

Bra Stories: Second Edition

Bra Stories is back and we're talking about growing up with breasts. From peer pressure to sex education, watch Deinma and Iby take a walk down memory lane.

Love and Relationships with Furelise

In honour of Valentine's Day, a bunch of us got together to share our experiences with relationships, love, dating and a smidge of lingerie appreciation.