March 8, 2019

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the weight of larger breasts can cause pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. I know this from experience because, Deinma, your leader, at 5 feet 1inch and weighing about 63kg has always struggled these same issues from her 32HH/J breasts.

I remember when we were younger, Deinma would complain constantly of her pain which, in turn, gave me a headache from having to listen to her go on and on. Back then, our most ingenious solution was to have me do a crip walk on her back. The idea was to massage with the strength of my legs and the full weight of my body. Needless to say, it wasn’t very effective.

Fortunately for both of us, Deinma, over the years, came up with some basic solutions that have benefitted her and have prevented me from shifting her spine with my ever-increasing weight (shalla Hans and Rene). Now, I’m going to share these solutions with you.


It seems so obvious but according to Women’s Health magazine (a fountain of knowledge), 70-75% of women do not wear or even know their correct bra size and with the different methods of measurement used by different retailers and brands, it’s no wonder women are confused. This is why Furelise Culture will be offering free bra measurements considering, not just the size of the breasts, but the shape and fullness. We will also be providing information on sister sizing which is a God sent when shopping. Think about it this way, if your exact size is unavailable in your favorite and most supportive bra style, you can fall back on your sister size to give you the same support as your regular size without having to compromise on fit. I can attest to this because I am a size 34C, which is pretty much the most common bra size. High demand means I get a whole lot of nothing unless I’m in the shop at 9 am. It is NEVER that serious so whenever I can’t find my size, I just buy a 32D and its like magic!

Wearing the right bra size means that the bra stars have aligned to give you the perfect balance of fit and support which means your back, shoulders, and neck get a break. Also, be aware that the older your bra gets, the less tension it has in the straps and flaps (wings) so update your bra drawer as regularly as you can.

PLUG ALERT!!! Furelise Culture is bringing affordable bra options that will allow you to keep your bra drawer updated without breaking your bank.

You’re welcome 😉


The extra weight from larger breasts makes it very tempting to slouch forward which, I must admit, gives some kind of relief. What most people don’t know is that slouching actually puts extra pressure and strain on your neck and shoulder muscles. Therefore, even though it might seem counterproductive to pain relief, maintaining a good posture would have positive effects in the long run.

When Deinma and I were young, our mother used to do this thing where, if she caught you slouching, she would grab the wings of your bra and pull it down while shouting “HANGING BARRELS OF BABYLON”. Truthfully? She did it to Deinma more because I never wore bras back then (small boobs matter too though). While it wasn’t the most pleasant experience for a teenager, it taught her to always reposition the wings lower down on her back while pulling back her shoulders. This realigned her spine and took the weight off her neck and shoulders.

So, if you feel yourself slouching just shout “HANGING BARRELS OF BABYLON” and reposition your bra, sit up straight and feel the strain go away. Ahhh thanks mum.


Let me come clean, Deinma does not exercise. This solution actually came from Women’s Health magazine and I felt that it was worth mentioning.

According to the magazine, there are a number of exercises that are very effective in easing back pain while strengthening the muscles in your back, neck, and shoulders. I’m not saying let’s all start doing deadlifts and CrossFit, but it is widely known that working out your muscles keep them strong and limber.

Yoga, for example, is very effective in, not just pain relief, but also strengthening those back, neck, and shoulder muscles. A massive plus is that it can be done in the comfort of your own room (and possibly in your pyjamas).

Yoga for your back, Yoga for your soul ??

Click the link here for beginner’s poses targeted at the back muscles. You can also watch a video tutorial here. There are also weight/strength options for those that (for some reason) enjoy strength training.

We hope these solutions will be helpful to you. Please let us know what you do to combat your back pain in the comments below.

Until next time.

Iby ?

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