April 28, 2019

Shopping for underwear can be so stressful because you can’t try them on in the shop and when you get home they might not fit. Unfortunately, they have the power to make or break an outfit so to help our sisters out, we’ve put together top 3 things we think are important to consider when shopping for panties.


Fabric makes such a difference when it comes to underwear and it makes a huge difference to comfort.

Silk, satin and lace sit lightly on your skin and are great for sexy lingerie but high maintenance because though pretty, they must be hand-washed and air dried.

Lace can cause itching if it’s not from a good quality brand such as Furelise Culture (*shameless plug alert*).

Polyester is great for support and dries quickly while spandex or lycra provide a seamless look under your clothes

Whatever fabric you choose, make sure you pick panties with a cotton lined crotch.

When it comes to everyday use, natural fibers like cotton are great for your lady-bits (vagina) because they keep you fresh by being breathable and super absorbent which discourages yeast growth and keeps you dry, comfortable and healthy.


Style and fit are super important to avoid lumps, bumps and unwanted lines.

We suggest always going a size up from your exact dress (underwear) size most brands run small and you want your underwear to sit comfortably on your skin. The waistband of your panties shouldn’t feel tight or dig into your skin.

Also, choose brands with seamless waistbands. They won’t only help prevent visible underwear lines, they’ll be gentler on your skin. Elastic bands that are too tight can irritate the skin and prolonged rubbing can cause darkening of the skin and, in some extreme cases, permanent scarring. We can’t wait to launch our high-quality stretchy lace panties, which means no irritating elastic bands and no visible underwear lines. Can we get a whoop! whoop!? No? Okay fine.

Moving on…

The main message here is to consider your body type, what works best with it and then decide how you want your body to look. For example: If the goal is to have your outfit move down your body seamlessly choose thongs over G-strings! They have more crotch coverage and wider bands so you don’t get that horrible digging that gives an illusion of a muffin top.

If your goal is to create an illusion of slimmer hips and thighs go with boy shorts. To eliminate muffin tops, choose high-waisted panties or ones that dip in the front. To give the illusion of “legs for daysss” go with high-leg Brazilian style panties.

It’s really all about using style and fit to hide or highlight areas you want.

Comment down below if we should do an in-depth blog post on body types and underwear styles that work best with them.


Taking your lifestyle into consideration when picking briefs will save you a lot of time and coins. We all have that one pair of panties with all the bells and whistles that we never wear because it’s super impractical and the bows/ribbons show up under your clothes. Waste!

Take for instance, a frequent flyer at the gym or a person who lives in work out gear might want to skip thongs and G-strings. “Thongs are usually tight fitting and tend to slide back and forth while you exercise” – Dr Iris Orbuch wrote for cosmopolitan.  This is bad for your lady bits because the friction, as well as heat generated from working out, creates a perfect home for bacteria to thrive in resulting in Urinary Tract Infections and other “fun” bacterial infections.

That isn’t to say that thongs are a complete no go. As daily wear, thongs are one of the most sought-after styles and are great for women who wear a lot of form- fitting clothes and don’t want to worry about the dreaded VPL because sometimes even the best ‘VPL free’ panties show up under your clothes.

Hipsters, briefs, french cut and compressor styles are great because they can be worn under any type of clothing so they are great for the working woman (pantsuits, skirts, and dresses galore).

Did we leave anything out? Drop your underwear shopping tips down in the comments!

Now you have all this information, go forth and shop!

Iby x Deinma ?

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