Melon Society vs Boob Sweat

December 7, 2018

Melon sisters! Harmattan season is upon us and with it comes the dreaded boob sweat (cue Nollywood organ). Never fear! We’re going to walk you through some of our tips that are tried and tested.


Tip #1: Powder

We all know Tony Montana. Yeah, it’s not that. We recommend baby powder because it is usually very mild and suitable for most skin types.

How to use:

You can either use a powder puff or your hands. Add a generous amount of powder under your boobs before bedtime or after a shower for best results.

Recommended Brands:



PS: Deinma: I found that when I used baby powder under my boobs for a prolonged period, it made the skin slightly darker but that might just be me.


Tip #2:  Pantyliners/Tissues

The key is to get an absorbent material that also lays flat under the boobs.

For panty liners, I (Deinma) tried a really thin and cheap brand and stuck the adhesive part to the underwire. While this was effective, when it got really hot (as it does in Lagos), the adhesive lost its strength and started to move around and became really annoying.

Tissues, on the other hand, are less annoying. However, once it reaches its full absorption capacity the tissues fall apart easily and are a nightmare to get off the bra and under the boob. We recommend changing the tissues before it gets too wet for the best results.


Recommended Brands:

Always Ultra Thin

Andrex Tissues – It is more absorbent without getting flaky and they come in different scents mmmm.


Tip #3: Bra Choice

While we understand how aesthetically pleasing padded bras are, it is Harmattan and boob sweat comes to those who seek it. Wearing padded bras with non-breathable fabric is defiantly seeking it. We wholeheartedly recommend buying cut and sew bras for the hellish heatwave. Thank us later.

We recommend…coming soon ?(seriously any cut and sew bra with breathable fabric should do the trick).


Tip #4: Keep It Clean; Keep It Fresh

If you are more prone to perspiration under the boobs, carry wet wipes. Throughout the day, depending on your sweat production, take time out to wipe under your boobs and follow with tissue to dry out the area.

Like the powder, we recommend baby wipes because they are milder and more suitable for all skin types. Plus, they make your boobs smell like baby mmm.


There are a number of other ways to combat boob sweat and we are always on the hunt to try different techniques. Reach out to us on Instagram with your own techniques for us to try and update our list (while giving credit to you, of course ?)


Until next time.

Deinma & Iby ? ?

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