Owambe with the Melon Gang

January 20, 2019

We are excited to introduce our new blog series that will be focusing on all those things our Melon Sisters need to consider when selecting the perfect lingerie for the perfect outfit!

Whether it’s an owambe (general term for weddings, birthdays and funerals), beach trip or a wild night out, we don’t realise how many decisions we have to make to ensure our outfits slay and our boobs stay.

To begin we will be discussing the Owambe!

As we all know, whether it is a wedding, your grandmother’s 80th birthday or funeral, every successful owambe begins with the material. “Material” ranges from Ankara, lace, adire, aso oke and many other options. The average Nigerian woman has a tailor on call to create any style she feels will give her that wow factor.

Here are our tips on how to make sure your boobs do what they are supposed to do on the big day.

Tip 1

Get measured with the bra you want to wear with that outfit. For example, if you are getting a strapless gown made, make sure your measurements are taken with the exact strapless bra you intend on wearing on the day.

This is because, each individual bra has a different effect on your boobs. Where one bra can make your boob look fuller and more pushed together, another bra can be constructed in a way that your boobs splay sideways and your breasts seems fuller on the sides than in the front.

Tip 2

Take your chosen bra to each fitting. As adjustments are made to your outfit and your tailor pins areas that are too big and releases places that are too small, you want all the alterations to fit around your bust perfectly the way you want it to on the day.

Nobody wants the perfect fit to be altered out because the bra is not quite right.

Tip 3

For the ladies that love a wide boat neck style, there would usually be a choice between a strapless bra or a bra with a strap.

For those ladies that want the strap for that extra support, we suggest pinning the straps to the dress to prevent it from slipping down the arms or moving up towards its natural position on the shoulders. For those ladies that choose to go the strapless route, we know that because of the weight of the boobs, every strapless bra tends to dig into the stomach in some way. We suggest putting tissue or something soft under your boobs to form a cushion to prevent digging because let’s face it, no matter how comfortable the bra is, after 6 hours (from putting the bra on, the dress, the make-up, the trip and traffic and the actual event) you will feel the dig.

Feel free to comment and share your owambe bra hacks.

Until next time.

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