The Plunge Bra – Facts that every Curvy Lady should know

October 24, 2018

So what exactly is a Plunge bra?

I know this may not be news to most of you but do permit me to put my teacher hat on ? and let’s talk about the basics:

Quick facts about the plunge bra

  • It is a low cut deep v neckline bra with a narrow center gore (that middle triangular part) and smaller cup area.
  • As the name implies it’s great for low neckline tops.
  • The reduced cup area makes this cut unsuitable for pendulous or soft breast as these shapes tend to fall out of the Centre of the bra.

Naturally when your boobs are bigger gravity works quicker = pendulum city.

So the question is, is there a plunge bra that holds you in, gives you a good shape and allows you wear that low low risqué top you bought from fashion nova ??

Never fear, my dear curvy sister, I found a great example of a plunge bra.

Cue the Lifestyle Plunge bra by Curvy Kate ??


  • This bra is available in sizes 30E-40J
  • Available in only one colour – Black
  • It has a 3 piece non-stretch cut and sew cup
  • It has 2 hooks in D-F cups and 3 hooks in FF-J.

The Verdict:

  • The cups are sheer and go high up on the sides giving a scooping effect. The sheer mesh gives the bra a very sexy look.
  • The center gore is quite low which makes the boobs sit lower than the everyday bras which takes some getting used to.
  • The straps are fully adjustable but are not cushioned so if your boobs are heavy you will experience some shoulder digging. I was able to wear it for about 3hours on a night out before the digging became noticeably uncomfortable.
  • The back support is great. Once on, I barely felt that I was wearing a bra.

Overall this bra is surprisingly firm and supportive. It has allowed me to wear some pretty low cut tops without the annoyance of having to show bra lace as a “style statement”.


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